Interessante Gedanken – wo sind die Aces der Vergangenheit? Wie sicher kann ich sein, dass irgendeine Vereinhamung einer historischen Figur zu einer Buchstabengruppe korrekt ist, und wieso kloppen wir uns manchmal so böse darum?

The Dancing Trans

Tl;dr Because asexual history is tied into allo queer history, there are going to be moments of tension between different readings. It is necessary to understand the context and the way asexual history has been erased, even by allo queer history, to really investigate this challenge.

bsb00089681_00005 [image is a black and white book cover that reads „Sappho und Sokrates: oder Wie erklärt sich die Liebe der Männer und Frauen zu Personen des eigenen Geschlechts“]

Back in November, I wrote an article for the project Making Queer History on Catherine Bernard (for the record, all of their articles are amazing, go check it out!) In writing that article, I started developing methodology around looking at asexual and aromantic representation in history (but also in literature, as the two are related), and I would like to share and discuss a number of the challenges and tensions this is bringing up. It is…

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