Genialer Aufschrieb eines wunderbaren Redebeitrags, dem ich anno 2012 live lauschen durfte.

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A First Hand History of Early Online Asexuality

To celebrate Asexual Awareness Week 2017, I’ve assembled this edited version of my notes and slides for the 2012 WorldPride Asexual Conference in London, where I was one of the ‚headline guests‘.

This talk on the history of the online asexual movement opened the conference, which corresponded with’s 10th anniversary year.

The WorldPride Asexual Conference poster: Sunday July 8th 2012. Confirmed Speakers: David Jay, founder of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, Nat Titman, founder of the Ace Community on LiveJournal. Admission is free with lunch & cake provided. Talks, workshops & panel discussions, featurin international community leaders and a screening of the (A)Sexual Documentary. London Southbank University. WorldPride Asexual Conference flyer, 2012

Please note that this talk is now itself 5 years old, so descriptions of the ‚current situation‘ have become their own part of community history.

Also, much of what I’d planned to say had to be edited on the fly due to unforeseen time pressures, so some of what’s included below is being shared for the first time.

The Ghost of Asexuality Past

Hello Asexual Community! Back in April 2002 I created the Asexuality LiveJournal community, which was probably the…

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