This. / Wichtig. Eingeschlossen die Fußnoten. Für die Community und für alle Autor*innen, die über Menschen aus dem asexuellen Spektrum schreiben.

The Asexual Agenda

cn: sexual violence

„Competing issues“

Over the last decade, online ace communities awoke to the fact that some aces can have and enjoy sex. The term „sex-favorable“ was coined in 2013 to describe aces who are willing to have sex.  Now, it’s common for educational content to mention sex-favorable asexuality as a thing that exists. The number of sex-favorable aces is relatively small, but we still want to build a community that acknowledges and includes them.

However, there has been concern that the repeated emphasis on aces who like sex might contribute to compulsory sexuality. „Compulsory sexuality“ refers to the set of assumptions and social norms that compel people to engage in sexual activity, and marginalize people who refuse.

For example, an ace might think that they need to experiment with sex in order to confirm/disconfirm that they are sex-favorable. Another person might hear that some aces like sex, and…

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