Nichts für mich (sieht eins ja an der Frequenz der Updates hier), aber vielleicht für wen anderes?

The Asexual Agenda

The Asexual Agenda is a blog written by ace-spectrum people, for ace-spectrum people, seeking to go beyond what we see in mainstream news. We talk about personal experiences, relationships, language, intersectionality, activism, media, and more. We also serve as a portal for the asexual blogging community.

We are now seeking new contributors!

What it involves:

Our writers have a lot of freedom to choose their own topics and frequency of blogging.  We do not impose any requirements on how often you must write.  There is a small amount of e-mail correspondence to take care of administrative details, discuss topics, and give each other constructive feedback.

You do not need experience with WordPress, as we will gladly teach you.

How to apply:

To apply, please e-mail us at by June 5th. Briefly (in ~100 words) tell us about yourself, and why you’d like…

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