Wie komme ich an Fiktion mit a_sexuellen Figuren? Sara K. hat ein paar Antworten auf Englisch – inklusive warum mensch Amazon umgehen sollte. Ein Vorschlag für ein Anschreiben an Büchereien ist auch dabei.
Und Eigenwerbung: Mein neuestes Erzeugnis (genannt Albenzauber) kann ebenfalls für die Onleihe der deutschen öffentlichen Bibliotheken erworben werden.

The Notes Which Do Not Fit

In the past half-year or so, I ended up reading and reviewing a lot of ace fiction. Obviously, I had to gain access to it, and unsurprising, I now have Thoughts About How to Access Ace Fiction.

Generally, I recommend two methods of gaining access to ace fiction:

1) Borrowing ace fiction from libraries
2) Buying ace fiction

A method which I strongly discourage is piracy. It denies writers and publishers the income they have earned (libraries at least make some payment towards writers/publishers). First of all, it’s unfair. Second of all, writers/publishers not getting paid = less incentive to write/publish ace fiction.

A method which I neither encourage nor discourage is seeking review copies. Some writers and/or publishers are willing to formally or informally offer free copies in exchange for reviews. Since I have never tried to use this method, I cannot offer much advice.

Anyway, to my recommended…

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