Well. Just so you all know what I get up to when the fandom frenzy takes me.

Carmilla DeWinter

As very few of you will know: I’m with the German Federal Agency for Magical Beings. (German: Bundesamt für magische Wesen, BafmW for short.) As it’s our function to further understanding between magical and non-magical folk, I was helping with an info booth at the RingCon 2014 in Bonn, Germany. My boss, Hagen Ulrich, has already posted a great number of visitors‘ portraits. I don’t really own the best or fastest camera – it would actually be fair to say that the camera was borrowed and isn’t owned by me at all – but I managed to find a few juicy and funny stories behind those pics:

(German version here.)

Raven sighted near the River Rhine …


Did Odin Allfather send one of his ravens – Huginn or Muninn – to spy on the RingCon? Or maybe we were in the sights of a shape changing mage?


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