So, as this month’s Carnival theme is „The Next Generation“, I couldn’t quite resist with the post title…

As it is, the theme is oddly fitting, because my best friend is now mother of a very young child, and my step-sister is currently incubating, though I don’t believe that I’ll have too much contact with the latter kid, given how I’ve actually never met the young woman in question (family drama, oh joy…).

Anyway, the situation has made me ruminate already whether I’m childless or childfree, and the current conclusion is: I don’t have children. This hasn’t been a conscious decision on my part, but I am content with the situation as is.

Should I ever meet a person who would make a suitable co-parent, I wouldn’t be totally adverse to procreating, or fostering. Given my age, there’s a time limit on the procreating, as I’ve decided a while ago that if I reach 35 with no children, that’s it, and I’ll think about actually buying a place instead of renting. 31 years down, 4 to go… So, it’s very likely I won’t have biological children.

Part of me wonders why I’m not more distressed about not passing my genes on. I came across an interesting quote just last week, in Ron Leshem’s  „Megilat zchujot hajareach“ (German: Der geheime Basar, French: Niloufar) Amazon Germany doesn’t list it as available in English, and I only own the German translation, so I’ll paraphrase. Leshem has a woman character speculate that every woman wishes to leave something of herself behind, and that to most women the easiest and most accessible method is having a baby.

Caveat: I don’t think women who (want to) have babies are desperate, sad creatures.

But, it actually might explain my attitude somewhat: I actually do feel that I am making an impact, even it it’s a small one, via being a pharmacist, a writer, a blogger and doing offline ace visibility work.

Best thing that’s happened to me as of yet: I once got a review for a Transformers fanfic with an explicitly aro character by a person who found a desperately needed word that way.

Sure, most of my impact is currently on contemporaries, but, Powers That Be allowing, I won’t shut up anytime soon.

As to more direct contact with the next generation… I hope I’ll do a decent job of explaining stuff once I get asked questions. Which I expect to happen, because most other friends of said best friend are married and already have children. I am the odd one out, so to speak.